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Healing Touch

Stefano Bambagioni.  I am a physiotherapist and have a long professional career that has evolved from many training courses and even more experiences. All this has led me to develop my very own method of massage therapy today, the Sensory Holistic Treatment method.




Treatment (SHT)

Stefano Bambagioni, Holistic treatment for physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual harmony.

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Ciao Stefano,

the massage was a dream, you have gifted hands.

All the best and kind regards


Christiane zinth, germany

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A Holistic Path

My hands

My hands have always played a special role in my life. I create and communicate with my hands.

Convinced that in the context of care, physical contact through the hands has an extraordinary communicative potential, the sensations transmitted through touch represent relief and help.

The sensations transmitted through touch in my treatment contribute to healing, relaxation and calming of the body and mind. 

One unit

Sensory Holistic Treatment (SHT) is a therapy based on the holistic approach of the human being. This massage awakens the perception of the body as a unity. The touch helps to dissolve blockages and overcome the feeling of fragmentation that many people experience who are suffering in one way or another.


For physical, energetic and spiritual harmony.


In the course of my treatment I use different techniques depending on the physical condition. I intuitively coordinate my movements and touches and follow the energy that the respective body emits.  


I always work lovingly, with absolutely respectful touch and above all with a great deal of calm.

© Silke Stupperich

Touching Massage

 Touch definitely deserves special attention in the context of professional physiotherapy and massage.

Touch represents an essential possibility of effective and social communication that is lived and experienced by each of us since childhood. Touch plays an immensely important and perhaps often underestimated role in the harmonious development of human beings and interpersonal relationships.


Facets of touch

Touch is a deep and intuitive way of communicating and physical contact is a fundamental need at every stage of life. Just think of the joy that a tap on the shoulder can trigger, or the deep communicative value of a warm embrace.


Find yourself

My treatment can dissolve the feeling of blockages and tightness. It can reorganise and correct your own body image so that you can regain self-worth and thus find yourself again.

I am

A little insight into my life.

Stefano Bambagioni


For generations, my family has lived in the heart of the Tuscany, more precisely in the south of Tuscany, in Maremma. An area bordered by an ancient volcano, Mount Amiata and the sea, a fascinating and peaceful land. My life was shaped by agriculture and the Maremma, and both are still part of my life today.

Tocco Curativo

The body

After years of experience in agriculture, I needed a new inspiration for my mind and working with the body fascinated me from the first moment. So I trained as a physiotherapist and a new journey began.

Energy through massage

The method

With my work I try to calm the people I treat. I feel their energy and sometimes their pain or fear. My method is a kind of balanced communication through touch.

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