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© Silke Stupperich


The human hand is a fascinating tool

With its five fingers, 27 bones and over 17,000 receptors, we use it for a multitude of things. Hands grasp, pinch, caress, touch, strike, create, destroy, work, beat, scratch. They create art, create shadow effects on the wall, create music, an employee taps on the keyboard, a hairdresser wields his scissors, a painter holds his brush, a cook a knife, a bus driver a steering wheel, a surgeon a scalpel .


But why, what we love about a person, expresses itself so much in their hands? 

Because with our hands we trace, discover, feel, experience, explore forms and because in their movements our emotionality, dexterity, our curiosity, caution, tenderness, strength, helpfulness and our intelligence are expressed. Because with our hands we can protect, comfort, confide and trust.


And because they communicate.

And because they touch.

And because they communicate through touch.

© Silke Stupperich


On the one hand, this work gives me a lot of energy, but on the other hand it is also very exhausting. 


I found balance in working with the soil and plants. Since 2010 I have been producing organic wine with a friend. At first only for relatives and friends, now we have customers all over Italy, Switzerland, Germany and even the United States. This work gives me a sense of balance for my mind and my hands.


I am very grateful to be able to use the vitality, the energy of my hands in two such different ways. Once in the form of wine and once in the form of a healing touch.

Sensory Holistic Treatment

© Silke Stupperich

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