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© Silke Stupperich

Who I am

Physiotherapist, farmer, winemaker, producer of organic oil and wine. I communicate through my touch and touch through with my wine. 

I Am Stefano

Dissolve energetic blockages.
Holistic treatment for physical, energetic and spiritual harmony.
Stefano Bambagioni, Sensory Holistic Treatment

© Silke Stupperich

Integrate awareness into your life.

Everyone can touch a body, but few can touch the soul.

Often the people I treat experience deep emotions and through these also clarity and greater awareness. This does not necessarily have to take place on the same day of the treatment but also later.

I am deeply rooted in my homeland, the beautiful Maremma, here I learned to live in silence. I stand for simplicity, purity and clarity. I get along with a few but most of all I get along with myself. This is what I have learned and it is very important to me. I always tell the people, who come for a treatment to me: it is essential to get along with the most important person in your life. And who ist the most important person in your life? It's yourself. If you are not in balance, in harmony with yourself, you can't do anything good for others. If you can't stay silent and listen to yourself, if you can't get along with yourself, how could others?


A second lesson I learned in recent years is that we live too much in the future, guided by a life which we too often live for others. To have external confirmations, to satisfy expectations. Or we mourn the past, when everything was much better, in doing so, we completely neglect the present. We cannot predict the future and we cannot bring the past back to life. The only real thing to live fully is the present, in this moment in the here and now. We should realize this every day . 

And this is what I mean when I say "Integrate consciousness into your life"

© Silke Stupperich

My Mission

With my Sensory Holistic Treatment I want to offer people a completely new experience on a physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual level . 

So that they can feel themselves again, accept themselves and feel loved. Because this is how you can clear your mind and increase self-esteem, which is essential for a healthy body . 

Working experience




My hands have always accompanied me in life. As a child I learned what hands are capable of. Working in the countryside in the Tuscan Maremma, my hands were essential for survival. I followed in my fathers footsteps and produced various agricultural products as a farmer for many years. I have raised animals, grown fruit, vegetables and flowers. One day I started growing grapes organically.


Today I produce organic wine and oil. Growing and producing agricultural products is very satisfying work, but it is equally exhausting and unpredictable, because nature always has new cards in play on the board.

There are moments in life when changes occur, I felt the need for a new inspiration for my mind and I discovered body work. So I trained as a physiotherapist. Over the past 25 years, countless different methods have inspired me and I have come to realize that the touch of the hands is much more than just the gesture of touching.

For some years I have been a physiotherapist in the "Rivas Beauty" wellness center of the hotel "Riva del Sole" in Castiglione della Pescaia. I developed my own method, which I called Sersory Holistc Treatment (SHT). I see the person as a whole, not just the aching back or hip. I try to calm peoples energy and harmonize the body, soul and spirit. Through the contact with the hands, with my words and my breath I create a new balance. Old and no longer useful things can be released and many physical blocks dissolve after a short time.

It is essential that my method not only addresses the physical but also the metaphysical (beyond the physical) and therefore understands the causes that shape our experience and constitute our conditioning.

"Anyone can touch a body, but few can touch the soul

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