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"Extra virgin olive oil," of the highest organic quality. A good extra virgin olive oil should have the characteristic aroma of fresh olives. The taste should be slightly bitter and slightly spicy.

Applicazione e prezzo

You receive healthy, guaranteed organic-certified extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality from Maremma, Tuscany.

The oil is sustainably produced, in harmony with nature, and in small quantities, without any industrial processing.

The oil is available in eco-friendly 3- and 5-liter containers, providing optimal protection and allowing for long-term storage. You can fill it into a smaller bottle at home.

Buy olive oil.

Just send me an email with the subject "Olive oil" and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Interested in joining the circle of friends? Just mention that in the email.

The production

We produce "Extra Virgin Olive Oil" of the highest organic quality. The olive trees vary in age, the last ones were planted after the severe frost of 1985 (-20°).

We harvest the olives when they are still green. The yield is therefore lower, but this way we obtain an oil with a high polyphenol content and remarkable organoleptic properties.

The olives

In total we cultivate 1,000 organically grown olive trees of the Frantoio, Leccino and Moraiolo varieties. One plot dates back to the 1955s, while on another plot there are 30 trees that arose spontaneously in the Mediterranean scrub and were grafted around 1860 by the Fattoria di Grancia dei Baroni Ricasoli.

The properties at a glance

  • Extra virgin olive oil (CEE)

  • Acidity less than 0.3

  • Cold pressed at a temperature never above 27°C.

  • Colour clear green colour with golden reflections 

  • Taste spicy and slightly pungent aroma with a bitter note. Typical of a young, fresh oil with a pleasant fruity expression of fresh olives.

  • Harvest the freshly picked olives are harvested by hand and with the help of pneumatic olive shakers, brought to the mill in crates and pressed within 24 hours.

  • Harvest time varies between 10 and 30 October, depending on weather conditions.

Good to know

Young, fresh, high quality olive oil bites a little in the throat. Let a small amount melt on your tongue and then draw in air. By adding oxygen you will feel the full flavour in the whole mouth.

Olive oil is a natural product. As with wine, each year the aroma and taste can vary.

Treat yourself and use it for salads, cooking, bruschetta, or simply dipping with delicious bread.

With NUDO olive oil, you're purchasing a high-quality and very healthy organic olive oil that's carefully produced and not industrially processed.

Community "Amici dell'olio"

Become part of our exclusive circle of friends "Amici dell'olio". This way, you'll always receive timely updates about our premium olive oil.


Simply sign up for the list, and you'll automatically receive the latest information and prices as soon as we know when the olive oil is ready. The oil is available in eco-friendly 3- and 5-liter containers, providing optimal protection and allowing for long-term storage. You can fill it into a smaller bottle at home. This way, we save packaging material and promote sustainability.

As part of the circle of friends, you're also invited to taste the organic olive oil at a small event in November/December in Switzerland and Germany, meet Stefano, and pre-order it directly there.

us and sign up now for our circle of friends to receive all the important updates.

Join the non-binding and free circle of friends "Amici dell'olio" now to receive all the important updates. Just send me an e-mail with the subject "Circle of friends" and include your telephone number, and I'll add you to the WhatsApp group.

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